Device management and OTA framework

Rebuild firmware with the plug-n-play Freshen library
Configure devices on
Use Web UI or RESTful API to manage devices remotely

Reduce development costs

Reduce costs on developing device management and monitoring framework

Reduce support costs

Lower the customer support costs by reducing the number of customers calls

Increase customer satisfaction

Utilise monitoring alerts and performance statistics

Management dashboard

  • Authenticated access
  • RESTful API
  • Full audit log
  • Online/offline status
  • Use or run on-premises

Over-the-Air firmware update

  • Update using file upload on a dashboard UI
  • Or using a POST RESTful request

Remote function call

  • Create any number of custom management functions on your device
  • Call exported functions via a dashboard's RESTful API
  • Built-in functions include info, reboot, ota
  • Input: an arbitrary string, output: an arbitrary string